An Outdoor Spruce Up This Spring Is Essential!

 Now is the perfect time to make way for another great season by giving your garden a good old spring clean!

To encourage you to get outdoors and embrace the season, Jeyes, the UK’s leading outdoor cleaning specialists, has provided some top tips to help you spruce up your outdoor spaces this spring:

  1. Greenhouse grime! Cleaning greenhouses, whether glass or plastic, greatly improves the growing environment for plants. Removing the algae, mildew and grime lets in more light and helps control pests and diseases too. Now in its 140th year, Jeyes Fluid is a trusted disinfectant that will give that extra satisfactory even clean and help the plants survive.
  2. Pretty pots! You can also reuse your garden pots and containers thanks to Jeyes Fluid. Not only can you disinfect them with this product but you can get rid of the dirty marks caused over the winter season – there really is no need to purchase new ones!
  3. Dirty Decking! You’ve invested time and effort into your decking, so naturally you want to make sure it looks its best for as long as possible. Use Jeyes 4-in-1 Decking Power, a high performance outdoor cleaning solution that effectively restores the wood’s natural colour by removing algae, mould, mildew and dirt from decking. Do this twice a year: once in spring for the summer months, and once in autumn to prepare your decking for the winter ahead.
  4. Prep your patio! To help remove those stubborn stains on your patio, use the new and improved, pressure washer compatible, Jeyes 4-in-1 Patio Power. The earlier you spot the stains on your patio, the easier they will be to remove. Simply mix, apply and let Jeyes do the job for you! If that’s not enough, you can prepare your drains weekly – to keep them fresh and free flowing simply use neat Jeyes Fluid to disinfect them.
  5. Fresh looking furniture! If your garden furniture has been left outside over winter and needs a wipe down, Jeyes has the answer! Try the unique Jeyes Stay Spray Gel Outdoor Cleaner. It eliminates product wastage as the cleaning solution (when sprayed) will stay in place on the surface until wiped with a cloth. Just spray on plastic, wood or metal leaving your outdoor area fresh, clean and looking its best.
  6. Goodbye grease! Spring is the perfect time to get the grill ready for action. Use a wire brush and Jeyes Barbecue Cleaner, which comes in a convenient trigger spray bottle, to remove laden grease from the wire racks of your grill.
  7. Quick clean! The first warm second of spring may result in a little outdoor dinner party – so ensure you have the Jeyes Heavy Duty Outdoor Cleaning Wipes to hand for an instant clean. With just the swipe of a wipe, they are the perfect partner to fight dirty against those pesky germs on areas in the garden such as children’s play equipment and garden furniture.

Alethea Maillard, senior brand manager for Jeyes, said: “Spring is the season to get your garden looking fresh again after the cold spell. Jeyes is the perfect partner and has a fantastic and efficient outdoor product range that provides a reassuring deep clean, making tough jobs easy.

“Not only will you enjoy your outdoor spaces with Jeyes, but you will be safe in the knowledge they are clean and virtually germ free.”

For more information on how to clean your outdoors this spring, and details of the full range of Jeyes’ cleaning products, visit