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Here’s our collection of ‘how to’ and cleaning advice videos.  We’ll be updating these regularly so do come back and check.

How To Videos

If you’re looking for the cleaning power of Jeyes Fluid but made that little bit simpler, then you need the Jeyes Ready To Use 4L and Jeyes Ready To Use Trigger Spray. These products are quick, easy to use and kill 99.9% of germs.

Get your barbecue clean this summer with one of our fast acting barbecue cleaning products. Try the new Smart Brush or the cleaner spray, which both remove burnt-on food and grease in minutes leaving your barbecue 99.9% germ free.

Keep your bins and outdoor spaces clean and smelling fresh this summer. Use Jeyes Freshbin to combat bad odours from both your indoor and outdoor bins. If you’re looking for the cleaning power of Jeyes Fluid but made that little bit simpler use Jeyes Fluid Ready To Use Trigger Spray.

The Jeyes Fluid Outdoor Cleaner and Disinfectant is a powerful outdoor cleaner that can help you tackle a wide range of outdoor cleaning jobs to help you get your garden summer ready, including cleaning paths and driveways, unblocking drains, disinfecting pet houses and cleaning greenhouses, flower pots and gardening tools.

These cleaners from Jeyes tackle stubborn stains on outdoor surfaces, killing 99.9% of germs. So whether you have a patio, a decked area, or even want to clean your tarmac driveway, these products are on hand to get your outdoor space summer ready.

Product Feature Videos

The innovative smart gel and 360-degree spray offers superior cleaning ability, allowing you to spray in all corners and crevices. The concentrated gel allows for targeted cleaning in the area you want to clean, with no running, spills or drips.

See how Jeyes’ new Smart Brush Limescale Remover stands up against the leading competitor. Expect superior cleaning and delivery mechanisms that offer ease of application and efficiency of cleaning.


Jeyes Fluid, proudly keeping gardens clean for 140 years. The fluid has been used to disinfect wounds – death rates for Scarlett Fever were partially attributed to our humble fluid, keep the trenches of WW1 sterile and keeping your garden sterile.