We all need some “me time” sometimes and what better way to enjoy that time than spending 30 minutes of it in your own special place outdoors? Whether you have a classic garden featuring a lawn and patio, a balcony to enjoy the skyhigh breezes or a small porch to perch outside on, with Jeyes you can create your very own Outdoor Oasis to relax and unwind in.

To help inspire you, we’ve created a planner with suggestions on how to spend your daily 30 minutes outside.

Be sure to share your Outdoor Oasis on social media using the hashtag, #JeyesOutdoorOasis.

And tell us what other benefits you experience along YOUR journey to a clearer mind (e.g. saving a few pennies from growing your own produce).

Jeyes, a cleaner space for a clearer mind.

1 Give your garden tools a clean
2 Freshen up the bins
3 Make the outdoors cosy
4 Clean the plant pots
5 Dust off your summer BBQ
6 We all deserve some time-out
7 Give the garden a trim
8 Paint the fence
9 Surprise a loved one with flowers
10 Prepare the patio
11 Treat the doghouse to a makeover
12 Transform your outdoor dining experience
13 Have breakfast outdoor
14 Create a garden catwalk
15 Spruce up the plant pots
16 Get picnic ready
17 Plan a games night
18 Refresh the green house
19 Unblock the drains
20 Netflix & Chill....Outside
21 Grow your own herb garden
22 Be a garden spy and bird watch
23 Indulge in DIY S’mores
24 Plant a sunflower
25 Get creative with a DIY wind chimes
26 Create a seed container
27 Make room for reading
28 Get those windows glistening and gleaming
29 Find your Zen with some outdoor yoga
30 Tidy up the Chiminea
31 Wrap up the month


All round body workout
Great stress reliever
Good dose of vitamin D from time spent in sunlight
Helps combat loneliness
Growing your own fruit and veg for financial gains


Share your Outdoor Oasis with us!

Are you ready to rule your garden?